What does GEPCO stand for?
Ans: Gujranwala Electric Power Compnay.
 How can the connection be converted into other persons name?
Ans: The change in name of the connection can be arranged by applying for the same to the concerned Sub-Division on the prescribed application form to be submitted duly filled in along with the required document to substantiate justification for change of name. After the applicant has fulfilled all the pre-requisites for change of name the connection is changed into the desired new name.
 What does WAPDA stands for?
Ans: Water and Power Development Authority
 How can a wrong bill be corrected?
Ans: In case any bill contains any error the consumer should report to the concerned Customer Service Centre/Sub-Division/Revenue Office.
 Where can a consumer deposit the electricity bills?
Ans: WAPDA has made arrangement with all scheduled Banks of Pakistan and the post offices, who have specified their branches in all parts of the country to facilitate the consumers for making payment of their bills. The consumer can deposit his bill in any authorized Bank branch/Post Office within District/ City.
 How can a consumer get his load increased/decreased according to his requirement?
Ans: The consumer will have to apply to the SDO/other competent authority who will arrange the verification of the load and test report and will arrange the reduction/extension of the load.
 How can a consumer arrange the disconnection of his supply and refund of security?
Ans: The consumer who does not want to continue his electricity connection will apply for permanent disconnection to the SDO. The connection would be temporarily disconnected by the SDO after obtaining clearance from Revenue Office .
 What is GEPCO doing to control excessive supply failures due to kite flying with metallic wire?
Ans: The problem is being tackled on the technical level by covering the Grid Stations equipment with guard wires and nets. At the administrative and legal level, patrole teams are organized to nab the culprits using the metallic wires and handing them over to the Police for registering cases against them. However, public support is very necessary to curb this practice. GEPCO solicits public support by organizing walks, seminars and appeals through print/electronic media.
 How the dangerous poles or wires hindering the doorway or the street can be removed?
Ans: As the poles/wires were installed before the construction of the house or street, give the details in writing to the Executive Engineer Operation of your area, who will prepare an estimate of the probable cost of removing the pole or wires. This cost has to be paid by you for relocation of the pole or wires.
 What is the policy and procedure for the electrification of a left over locality or a Village?
Ans: The electrification of villages/localities if financed and approved by local or provincial government. Please get in touch with your elected representative for the electrification of your locality or village. GEPCO will provide a feasibility report. On payment of the full cost, the required electrification will be undertaken. The cost of electrification of housing schemes is similarly borne by the sponsors or residents.
 Why does my new meter run faster than the old meter which has been replaced by GEPCO?
Ans: It is not true. The fact is that the new meter runs correctly. It was the old meter which had become slow and sluggish due to age and/or other external/internal causes.
 Whom to approach for correction of wrong reading on the bill?
Ans: Please contact SDO/XEN & Customer Services Centre of your area or GEPCO Head Quarter.