Electricity Load Information 18/09/2017

    Average Demand. 1565 MW

   Average Load Recieved. 1515 MW

   Average Shortfall. 50 MW

   Category wise Average Load shedding carried out as shown in Power Outage Report GEPCO.
Urban=00:38Hrs(Due to 11KV Break Downs /PTWs)
S/Urban=00:28Hrs(Due to 11KV Break Downs /PTWs)
Rural=01:09Hrs (Schedule L/S & Due to 11Break Down/PTWs)
T/well=00:58 Hrs (Schedule L/S & Due to 11KV Break Downs/PTWs)
Mixed Industry= 00:17Hrs(Due to 11KV Break Downs/PTWs)

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Energy is Money

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